Building the Future of the San Francisco Bay Area

The projects of Stevens + Associates’ touch the lives of thousands of people every day. We have completed more than 200 projects for
100 clients. Those projects include airports, rapid transit, hi-rise buildings, recreation facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants,
and master planning ranging in size from $100,000 to $500 Million. Our clients,and the public we serve, share in the belief that new futures
can be shaped by applying architectural design in the service of environmental quality.

Stevens + Associates was established in 1978 and offers specialized services in the areas of architecture and landscape architecture. We
are a minority-owned firm whose main office is located in downtown San Francisco.

Stevens + Associates have been Architecture and Landscape consultants for design and construction management on numerous large-scale
multi-million dollar projects:

• Hunter’s Point Shipyard Community Redevelopment - $500M- San Francisco, California (w/Patri Merker, SMWM, Korve, CMG)

• BART South San Francisco Station, Plaza, and Garage $40M- South San Francisco, California

• San Francisco Airport International Terminal - $300M- Construction Management (w/DeLeuw Cather)

• St. Regis Museum Tower Hotel, Condominium’s, & Cultural Center $150M - San Francisco, California (w/SOM)

• City Administrative Building - $70M - San Francisco, California (w/KMD)

• Valley Transportation Authority Office Building - $4M - Santa Clara, California

• Airport People Mover, Bridge Architecture and Landscape Architecture for PBQD - $110M - San Francisco, California

These are some of Stevens + Associates’ major commissions. Other design and management projects include the construction of numerous
municipal buildings for the San Francisco Water Department, with construction costs of up to $7M. Our commercial and interior design
projects range from $100,000 to $500,000 for corporate clients such as Wells Fargo Bank, AT&T, Sundial Broadcasting and Bank of America.

Stevens + Associates’ client list includes numerous agencies of federal, state, and local governments, private developers, institutions,
engineers and other architects. Whether prime or sub-consultant we strive for excellence in the delivery of services to our clients.

Design Goals and Philosophy

Stevens + Associates’ design goal is to achieve architecture that successfully responds to a project on many levels. There are many
factors to consider when entering into design, and Stevens + Associates uses these elements to guide the process.

We seek to bring form, substance, flexibility, and sustainability to the client’s project. Important considerations for a successful design

• Integration of all program parts
• Sensitivity to the project context
• Consideration of the environment and natural settings
• Integration of “Green” architecture and systems
• Appropriate aesthetic alternatives and solutions
• Frequent and timely project Cost Estimating

Adding to the real city environment through:
• Creative answers to urban problems
• Thoughtful enhancements to the city experience
• Advancements in livability and end user benefits
• Providing aesthetic value to the urban fabric

Maintaining strong interest in urban reuse programs through:
• Master planning
• Transit facilities
• Office Buildings
• Educational facilities
• Pedestrian interfaces
• Groundscape design
• Serving as a consultant resource for infrastructure projects:
• Utility superstructures
• Bridge architecture

The design concept is generated from overlapping elements of the site, the program, and the client’s desires. The final design is specific
to its environment and responsive at conceptual levels, while meeting the pragmatic cost requirements of the client.

Client Relationships

Clients are the key to all of Stevens + Associates’ projects. Their needs may range from landscape designs for small neighborhood parks, to
the rehabilitation of older public or private facilities, to new architectural facility design; but they are all of paramount importance to us.
By relating closely to our clients from the beginning, we ensure that their needs are met.

I c
• Meeting one on one from the project’s start
• Listening to the client for:
• Key needs
• Priorities
• End goals
• Budget
• Priorities
• Image
• Creative collaboration and close continual communication between:
• End user
• Architect
• Facility planner
• Establishing a process of focused discussion between and within these groups
• Relating client issues to Stevens + Associates’ experience
• Augmenting the presented information
• Articulating the developing ideas
• Refining the program by identifying:
• Proposed uses
• Area requirements
• Construction budgets
• Foreseeable difficulties and issues

Stevens + Associates is proud of the fact that much of our business comes from repeat clients and their referrals. It is only through
satisfied clients that a business grows, and our goal on every project is to satisfy the client and maintain a close working relationship with

Stevens + Associates - Project Reputation

Because of excellent communication and a desire to create long lasting architecture, the results for Stevens + Associates are satisfied
clients and successful projects.

• Providing quality work through:
• Design
• Planning
• Client relationships
• Team collaboration
• Timely results
• Accurate deliverables
• Significant work awarded as prime consultant
for major multi-million dollar infrastructure projects:
• BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
• Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)
• San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI)
• East Bay Municipal Utility District
• San Francisco Unified School District
• City College of San Francisco
• San Francisco International Airport
• Continued teaming success with national and international Architecture and Engineering firms:
• Skidmore Owings & Merrill
• Kaplan MacLaughlin Diaz
• Sverdrup Civil
• Moffatt & Nichol
• PBQ & D Engineers
• Pirnie Williams
• Kaiser Engineers
• Wilber Smith
• Montgomery/Watson
• Working relationships with private developers such as Lennar Communities, The Olson Co., Carpenter Co. and Treasure Island Associates.

Stevens + Associates - Project Team

Since its foundation in 1978, Stevens + Associates has grown to a full working staff of ten people, with an annual capacity of $1M in fees.
Our designers are flexible and innovative, and each possesses a wide range of experience with many different project types. The firm’s
emphasis on coordination and teamwork has helped us compile an exceptional track record during our 20+ years of experience. We are
especially proud of our record of retaining repeat clients; we feel that this is an excellent indication of the quality of our work. The
following firm principles have enabled us to meet with repeated success:

• Responsiveness to our clients’ needs
• Conscientious management
• Hands-on participation from senior staff
• Continuous communication at all levels
• Encouragement of all team members to understand the “big picture” of the project
• Encouragement of each team member to become the “Project Manager” of their respective project responsibilities, resulting in:
• Reduction of team conflicts
• Facilitation of project consistency
• Creation of personal pride
• Production of an overall superior project

Stevens + Associates maintains a working list of consultants and freelance drafters who are readily available
to supplement our office personnel should an exceptionally large project require extra team members.

Stevens + Associates - Project Process

Stevens + Associates realizes the importance of adhering to a process for a project to be successful. Our project process is an ordered
series of steps that includes both the consideration of the existing conditions and the creation of design alternatives based on these
conditions and on the client’s needs.

Project Process consists of the following:

• Documentation of given information
• Creation of drawings illustrating:
• The scale of the project in its context
• The relationship of project components
• Considerations of:
• Structure
• Materials
• Discussion of:
• Flexibility
• Layout efficiency
• Cost effectiveness
• Final design resolution

Stevens + Associates’ goal is to create livable - social architecture. Our designs are unimposing,
functional, intriguing, and distinctive. By melding the needs of the client and the site with our own
creativity, we generate designs that:

• Are specific to the project environment and context
• Avoid inappropriate proportions and scale
• Provide a conceptual level response .
• Meet the pragmatic requirements of the client
• Embody non-monumental form
• Avoid excessive architectural statements

Our Role

A successful project consists of several stages, which follow in a necessary sequence. Our participation in each project phase is essential
and our continuous involvement throughout these phases enables us to maintain project quality from beginning to end. With careful
attention to every detail, we guide the project from a series of conceptual sketches to a completed building.

Planning + Programming

Facility programming identifies the needs and objectives of clients and potential users for new or renovated facilities. Our calculations for
the building, operation, life-cycle cost, and return-on-investment analyses provide a basis for evaluating the benefits of a project.

Production Phase

This phase includes the preparation of working drawings and specifications describing in technical detail the construction work to be
done. Considerations include materials, equipment, workmanship, and finishes required for architectural, structural, mechanical and
electrical work, related site work, utility connections, and special equipment.

Code Compliance + Technical Quality Assurance

Stevens + Associates use code specialist consultants who work with us in the early, defining stages of a project and throughout the design
and construction process. Our number one goal is to produce drawings that give a true representation of the actual required work. Our
accurate drawings enable bidders to submit a true bid, which in turn, keeps the number of change orders on the project to a minimum.
Stevens + Associates control drawing quality by the use of technical manuals, checklists, training, peer project review, supervision by
senior staff, and, when needed, the services of specialized consultants.

Bidding, Negotiation + Construction

Stevens + Associates advise the client about the qualifications of prospective contractors, and assist the client in obtaining bids or
negotiated proposals and in awarding construction contracts. Following bids and negotiation is the Construction and Administration of the
Construction Contract Phase, including the following:

• Preparation of supplementary drawings.
• Review of the Contractor’s Schedule of Values; review of fabricators’ and suppliers’ shop drawings, material samples and equipment
• General administration of the construction contract including periodic visits to the site to review the progress and quality of work and
to determine if work is proceeding in accordance with the contract documents.
• Review of the contractor’s applications for payment, determination of amounts owed to the contractor, and issuance of certificates for
payment in such amounts.
• Preparation of change orders covering authorized changes in the work.
• Determination of the date of substantial completion and final completion, receiving, reviewing, and forwarding to the client the
specified written guarantees assembled by the contractor, and issuance of the final certificate for payment.

Construction Administration + Management

Stevens + Associates are highly experienced in Construction Administration. We have acquired on-the-job expertise in design/build, value
engineering and construction management programs as well as more traditional methods of project delivery. During the project’s final
phase we act as the clients’ representative to ensure that the project is built in conformance with the contract documents.

Stevens + Associates - Quality Assurance

Stevens + Associates know that production and its process matters, and is only as good as the attention it receives. By following a
thorough Quality Assurance Program, we are able to ensure the production of consistently good work. This program consists of the
following steps:
• Coordination of Drawings, Specifications, and Consultants
• Plan Checking at 33%, 67%, and 100% Production Levels
• Cross Checking and Comparison of Structural and Architectural Drawings
• Discussion and Review of all essential technical details

Our approach is to “build the project on paper”, resulting in a thorough knowledge of what is going into the building. This reduces
conflicts and problems at future points in the project, and prevents these issues from being compounded.

By rigorously working out the flow, function and security concerns during the architectural design process, we deliver high value per
dollar for our clients in both the short and long term. Achieving cost-effective solutions requires the following:
• Consideration of both short and long-term costs—the initial capital investment cost as well as long-term maintenance and operations
• Use of an Environmental Impact Report to consider the short and long-term social costs and impacts of public projects.

Our goal is to minimize errors and omissions in the contract documents. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use the Design/Build
process to streamline design and construction. The use of Design/Build methodology helps to minimize errors and change orders by
bringing the Contractor/Builder and his architect into a project partnership with the Owner Client/Design Architect. Stevens + Associates
have completed several successful Design/Build projects, most recently for BART and EBMUD.

Attention to quality throughout the process results in projects like the Alamo Park High School for the San Francisco Unified School
District, which had 0 change orders.

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